Mombasa is the oldest city and second Largest after Nairobi. it is a city with a rich historical background with amazing tourist sites. Some of the reasons why it is the most preferred holiday destination for international tourists include:


  1. The Scenery

With beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, Mombasa is considered as the most beautiful tourist destination in the country. It is also a home of exotic animals, vast vegetation and a host of amazing historical sites such as the fort Jesus. The Fact that One can be able to have a private beach, visit an old town or enjoy beach sports, these are the unique features that make it the best tourism destination to visit.


2 The Climate

With a cool breeze of the Indian Ocean, Mombasa provides a good climate for tourists especially during winter seasons in Europe. It has an ideal climate for tourists.


  1. Five-star accommodation

Mombasa has the best hospitality in the country. With five-star accommodation and private beaches, it provides a wonderful tourist experience that you don’t feel to leave the town.

  1. The Beaches

Nyali Beach, Bamburi Beach and Shanzu Beach are the most preferred destinations by tourists. Shanzu Beach offers white sands and palm trees, with always bring a cool breeze to enjoy while you enjoy a swim. In the North coast, there is Diani and Tiwi beach, which are more ideal for vacation as less crowded and further away from the city.


  1. The Reach History

Fort Jesus is a certified UNESCO heritage and is considered as one of the most preserved pieces of the 16t century. It is also the most visited place in the coastal region. On the South-East of the coastal region., there is an old town which is occupied with people with rich Swahili culture. The buildings exhibit the past cultures and architectural influence of the west from centuries ago.


  1. Wide Range of Activities

Despite having a rich history and beaches, Mombasa provides tourists with a lot of activities that they can engage in various times. Some of the spots include; Haller park, which an animal sanctuary and home to giraffe, zebra, Cape buffalo, hippo etc. Mombasa marine park which is a popular site for activities such as Seahorses, eels, stingrays etc. Mamba village where guests enjoy a slice of crocodile meat and Bombolulu workshops and cultural Centre.

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