Maasai mara is known for the famous for Big Five (Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo & Leopard) and is considered as the backbone of the Kenyan Wildlife.


  1. The Great Wildebeest Migration.

The Mara Reserve is the ‘Seventh Wonder of the World in the Guinness world record books’ because of the annual migration of millions of wildebeests from the Serengeti plains to the Mara land. These activities draw tourists around the globe to witness the most amazing natural cycles every year as the animals cross the Mara River.



  1. Hot Air Balloon

Touring the Mara from the sky has always been fascinating and amazing. Tourists glide over the Mara in a hot air-filled balloon and view the beautify savannah which provides an incredible experience.


  1. Intriguing Maasai cultures

Maasai Culture has always been interesting. The community is made up of a rich practising culture which entertains the tourists and walks them through the jungle.


  1. Witness the Big five rule over their territory

The abundance of wildlife makes this one of the most famous tour vacations in Africa. This provides travelers with Authentic tourism experience like no other. It is also the Kingdom of the Lions as they dominate the grasslands of the reserve.


  1. Home of over 450 bird species

There is an awesome experience in bird watching. birds of different patterns and colours dominate the skies and the grassroots of the Mara which includes species such as the Red-Winged Schalow’s Turaco, White-Tipped Crest, Ross Turaco, Orange Buff Pel’s Fishing Owl, Wary Guinea Fowl and the roaming Secretary bird.

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